Fuglen (transl. “the Bird”), est. 1963, is an espresso bar, cocktail bar and vintage design shop in Oslo, Norway with a strong heritage to mid-century Scandinavian design. In May 2012, we expanded to open our shop no. 2 – in Shibuya, Tokyo. We are now working towards opening our third shop, this time in New York. The time perspective is around 1-2 years for this expansion. Our concept is strongly founded on our values of high quality craft and sustainability, in all aspects of our trade. All ingredients fresh, and of the highest quality – coffee drinks, cocktails and all other refreshments are made with passion and care for taste and craft.


MANLY COFFEE is a small specialty coffee roaster in Fukuoka, Japan, Est. 2008.
Roasting, grinding, cupping, brewing and packaging of coffee is done by hand by the proprietor, Noriko Sunaga.
My first sourcing trip was in January this year, to Nicaragua and Costa Rica!

MANLY COFFEE’s spirits 
“Fresh, Craft, Something.”

MANLY COFFEE’s philosophy.
“Coffee is beautiful, Life is beautiful.”

  • Participated in World Aeropress Championship 2011.
  • Organized Japan Aeropress Championship 2012.
  • The Japan Aeropress Championship 2013 is arranged with Kenji Kojima of Fuglen.
  • Challenge Nordic Roaster 2013 competition.

Thank you & enjoy!

Noriko =)


Kaffikaze is an independent team of creative coffee professionals. We design coffee stuff. To the last drop.

Ingri M. Johnsen (2nd place WAC2012 and 3rd place Norwegian Brewers Cup 2013) will be head judge of the competition. Her brother, Harald J. Vøyle will assist Ingri and have fun.

Aerokira / Akirapress poster for JAC2013
For the poster, we knew that we wanted something truly iconic, and have it be a reference to something we all could connect to. The poster is our way of appreciating a great childhood – from Akira to GITS, NGE, the Matrix and finally to the Aeropress. All three of us are born in the eighties. We always have a strong focus on the conceptual in everything we do, so we wanted to make this poster without compromise. We decided that this composition and reference to Akira would do just the right thing. In addition the color scheme and composition is reminiscent of the Japanese flag. By juxtapozing an Aeropress with that which was already established by Katsuhiro Otomo we create something new. What is funny is that so many people have now asked for a red Aeropress – hell, we want one! Lars K. Huse and Harald J. Vøyle, who made the poster, also made the award winning book A-Z Coffee last year, and the same sense of style and precision that exists in A-Z Coffee is also inherent in the poster for the Japanese Aeropress Championship.




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